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This moment you have the opportunity to DISCOVER yourself and learn more about your gifts.  When you know yourself and your strengths, you can propel yourself in the direction of your dreams and shine your brightest. 

Self Inquiry leads to clarity and value which leads to presence, awareness and connection.

I invite you to take these complimentary assessments:

~Be Healthy

~Be Beautiful

~Be Fit

These assessments will offer individual insights on your patterns, gifts, and personality with tools & tips to improve your environment, lifestyle, diet and attitude, so you can be your best, and ultimately, let your Shen shine!


Shen:  in Chinese Medicine, it is known as your inner light, or spiritual radiance.  It is the expression of your inner state of being.  When you are truly loving your life and living healthy & well, that radiance glows from within, shining bright for the world to see.  When your Shen shines, you are your most beautiful, authentic self.  When you are making the best choices for your environment, nutrition, behavior & life, you will be honoring your most authentic self.  The closer you get to being who you are meant to be, the brighter you shine. 


be healthy.

Through the ancient art & science of Chinese Medicine and holistic nutrition, discover ways to change your cells and in result you will cleanse, balance, build and transform into the ultimate Shen magnet!

be beautiful.

Love the skin you are in and enhance your most attractive features, truly allowing your inner glow to reflect outwardly.  Learn what the features of the face are saying about you according to Chinese Medicine. Learn what you can do to change your cells to reflect your most beautiful self!


be fit.

In Chinese Medicine, movement = heat = life!  Through yoga and physical fitness practices, explore ways to move, strengthen & stretch the best vehicle and instrument you will ever own.

Let Your Shen Shine through Tips on Holistic Health, Beauty and Fitness